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Excel Template for Payroll with PAYE, PENSION and Payment Schedule [Finance Act 2020 Updated]

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This is the Perfect Excel Template for Small and Emerging Businesses in Nigeria for everything payroll and HRM. This template covers areas such as the Current Personal Income Taxation rates in Nigeria, Pension, NHF, Life Assurance and Tax Reliefs.

With a Friendly User Interface, Users can adopt the template easily into their business operation. This template was designed by professional accountants and specially built for increased productivity in the HRM process of any organization.


1. Sleek and User friendly/Easy-to-use Interface.

2. Accurate Personal Income Taxation (PIT) using the Current Nigerian Tax brackets and the Finance Act 2020.

3. Pension, NHIF and Consolidated Tax Reliefs.

4. Admin Settings for easy customization and management of employees and the company.

5. Life Assurance.

6. Monthly Staff Payroll Sheet.

7. Employee Pay Slip Page.

This Template runs on all Windows and MAC operating systems with Excel 2007 or later versions installed.

Version 3.0 (2023)

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