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Comprehensive Sales and Inventory Management Excel Template [xlsm]

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Items or Products are an essential part of the business process. An offering which gives value is necessary to get customers attention and money. Every business organization exists to make profit and increase share holders wealth hence, the need to have a marketable and valuable offering to customers. This offering comes in form of physical goods or services or both.

Inventory and Sales Management is required in the day-to-day operations of every business. At the end of the day, week or month, it is imperative for business owners and managers to take stock of what comes in (purchases) and what goes out of the business (sales).

This activity secures business assets and enforces adequate internal control measures and security against theft and other losses.

Overview of the Template

Enjoy the power of Microsoft Excel Macros in our Sales and Inventory Template. The template takes care of your Product Management and Inputation, Sales Entry, Purchases and a comprehensive Inventory Report for Stock takers to manage inventory physical counts in minutes!

Our Sales and Inventory Excel Template is unique and can be mistakened for a full Sales and Inventory Software. It works like a mini Account/Inventory Software and fully automated to manage your every day Sales and Inventory needs.

Features of the Template

  1. Fully Automated Product Management and Inputation Interface
  2. Fully Automated Sales Entry with Product Drop Down from list of products
  3. Fully Automated Purchase Management and Inputation Interface
  4. Comprehensive Inventory Report showing total products, turnover, Inventory valuation etc.
  5. Minimum or no manual inputation necessary for accurate reports
  6. 24/7 Support from our vast community of developers.
  7. Easy to set-up and super user friendly.

Use Scenario

  1. Small and Medium Scale businesses that need a sales and inventory excel template to manage items.
  2. Software developers who want to integrate sales and inventory features to their applications.
  3. Individuals and Corporate bodies that need an affordable option to a fully developed Sales and Inventory Software such as Quickbooks and Sage50

MS Excel Template

V.1 (2022)

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