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Withholding Tax (WHT) Excel Template for Nigeria

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Category: Accounting

Withholding Tax is an essential tax every individual and business entity involved in consultancy, services, construction, building etc. must pay in Nigeria.


The tax which usually ranges from 2.5% to 10% depending on the nature of project or service delivered is usually remitted to the Federal Inland Revenue Service on the 21st day of every month. This tax just like every other tax is collected by the federal government of Nigeria and used to provide infrastructure and other social amenities for the public.


Our WHT excel template is built to assist organizations who remit WHT or engage the services of professionals where proper WHT records needs to kept. The template is designed to be user friendly and easy to use with unlimited entries.


Features of the Template

  1. Fully Automated Imputation Interface
  2. Input Mode with Macros for recording day-to-day WHT.
  3. Minimum or no manual imputation necessary for accurate reports.
  4. 24/7 Support from our vast community of developers.
  5. Easy to set-up and super user friendly.


Use Scenario

  1. Small and Medium Scale businesses that need a WHT template to manage their withholding taxes and track payments with ease.
  2. Tax consultants that manage taxes for businesses and Individuals.
  3. Tax officials.
  4. Software developers who want to integrate hospital billing features to their applications.
  5. Individuals and Corporate bodies that need an affordable option to a fully developed accounting Software such as QuickBooks and Sage50


Ms Excel Template

V.1 (2022)

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