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Logistics and Transportation Business Financial Plan and Projections

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The Nigeria Logistics and transportation industry is fast becoming investors heaven. With a growth slow but steady growth rate of 4 per cent, the industry is expected to be an economic power house in the coming years. With the encroach of small and emerging businesses into the industry, the burden of logistics and transportation of goods has been shifted from the government and now in the hands of private entities, creating more jobs and generating huge revenue to the government via taxes.

The current growth in Nigeria logistics Market has been due to the Infrastructural developments in Railways and Airways, improvement in foreign ties with other countries, developing manufacturing and export sector and the rising e-commerce sector.

Transportation sector or industry in a wide range of sector with high skill required. However, my focus is on a major part or the sector which is town transport service with modern techniques & service.

Most of the challenges this business face are bad road network, double levies& taxes. Address the challenges focusing on areas with good road network, more with relevant government agencies on tax and levies.

Overview of The Template

The main aim of this financial plan and projection is to enable business owners get real financial details on establishing a standard and effective transportation/ logistic services with high ethical and quality delivery which will enhanced good and efficiency transportation service.

The template provides business insights into the logistics and transportation business in the simplest manner. Cost and pricing breakdowns are based on real feasibility studies carried out by our team of experts.

These details will guide you through setting-up and efficiently running a logistics and transportation business in Nigeria that will be profitable and sustainable.


  1. Comprehensive Profit and Loss Projection.
  2. Sensitivity Analysis.
  3. Pre-Operating Equipment Requirements.
  4. Operating Expense List.
  5. Loan Repayment Plan.
  6. Service Delivery Cost.
  7. Proposed Pricing.
  8. Cost Forecast.
  9. Sales Forecast.
  10. Cash Flow Statement.
  11. Viability Analysis.

Use Scenarios

This excel template is most suitable for the following:

  1. Promoters of existing and New Start-up Businesses that need funding in form of grants,loans,partnerships etc. from government agencies and venture capitalists.
  2. Business and Financial Analysts working on viability and feasibility of a logistics and Transportation business in Nigeria.
  3. Business Administration and Entrepreneurship students who need a comprehensive financial plan for a Business Plan.
  4. Investors and Venture Capitalist who need financial analysis of the logistics and Transportation business for informed decision making.
  5. Entrepreneurs who need expansion ideas for their businesses.

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