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Financial Plan and Projection for Creche, Day Care and After School Tutorial Business

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Category: Financial Plans & Projections

A Creche or Day Care is a nursery where little kids are being taken of by adults usually more than one. In the quest to balance work and life, many working mothers now sign in their babies to a creche for care and monitoring while at work.

The day care and creche business is booming in many parts of the country as many mothers now key into the idea of using their services and the numerous conveniences enjoyed by them. Over time, mothers prefer creche and day care, because of some the underlying benefits in subscribing for such benefits. The benefits of using a day care or a creche goes beyond just looking after kids but, extends to the moral, social and educational development of kids registered in the facility.

An average creche is profitable no matter the location as far as mothers reside there. This business requires trust from mothers and a safe and clean environment.

Overview of The Template

This excel template gives details for the provision of High quality foundational education and crèche services in a suitably ambient environment at pocket friendly prices. The template also gives financial plan and projections for other side services associated with the creche business such as tutoring Service, day care Service, after School Care, child Drop etc.


  1. Comprehensive Profit and Loss Projection.
  2. Sensitivity Analysis.
  3. Pre-Operating Equipment Requirements.
  4. Operating Expense List.
  5. Loan Repayment Plan.
  6. Proposed Pricing.
  7. Cost Forecast.
  8. Sales Forecast.
  9. Cash Flow Statement.
  10. Viability Analysis.

Use Scenarios

This excel template is most suitable for the following:

  1. Promoters of existing and New Start-up Businesses that need funding in form of grants,loans,partnerships etc. from government agencies and venture capitalists.
  2. Business and Financial Analysts working on viability and feasibility of a crèche business in Nigeria.
  3. Business Administration and Entrepreneurship students who need a comprehensive financial plan for a Business Plan.
  4. Investors and Venture Capitalist who need financial analysis of the crèche for informed decision making.
  5. Entrepreneurs who need expansion ideas for their businesses.

MS Excel Template

V.1 (2022)

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