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Cat Fish Farming in Nigeria Financial Plan and 5 Year Projections

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Cat Fish farming in Nigeria is getting more profitable as the days goes by. According to The Nigerian Finder, 6 out of every 10 Nigerian eats catfish on a weekly basis. This implies that about 65% market share awaits anyone who ventures into this business.

With the ever bubbling night life of many cities in Nigeria, the demand for catfish is on the increase. With modern technologies, powerful financial models and better equipment, Cat Fish farming remains one of the most profitable businesses you can venture into as far as Agro business in concerned in Nigeria.

This catfish farming excel template explores a sustainable and viable buisiness plan with a comprehensive 5 year financial projection and plan making it easy for you to start and sustain a catfish fish farm in Nigeria. The template outlines every information you need to kickstart this business as well as fiancial models to make it work in real life.

Catfish is a thriving business in Nigeria. Some people just got the information about the profitability of the business and gave it a try and today they are millionaires. With a little research and good financial plan you can venture into this business and make more money than the trial and error businesses. This 5 year financial projection contains financial model for Cat Fish farming with current prices for fingerlings and cost of setting up ponds, wells and other equipment while, taking into consideration the current inflation rates of the economy of Nigeria today. information contained in this document is tested and it has been used for a real life fish farming enterprise in Nigeria. Be rest assured you will get something real and feasible.

Features of the Financial Template:

  1. Easy to use, edit, customise and manipulate template with formulas and financial projections already computed.
  2. Friendly to adjustments to suite your cat fish business needs.
  3. 5 year Income statement (Trading, Profit & Loss Account) Financial plan and projections for cat fish business in Nigeria. .
  4. 5 year Financial Position (Balance Sheet) and projections.
  5. 5 year Cash Flow statements.
  6. Easy copy and paste to MS Word document
  7. Free Loan Repayment Calculator
  8. Notes and Explanations to financial projections and models.

MS Excel Template

MS Excel Template

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