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PHP Script for Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT) Investment and Automatic Profit Calculator

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Are you running an crypto currency investment platform where investors get periodic returns or profits on their investment? If yes, this script is for you. With its ease and simple codes written to solve modern investment problems, this php script automatically keeps your portfolios running and accurate.

The script is designed with its own database and a cron script to meet your daily investments and profit calculations need. All you need to do is enter your users and the various investments they have and leave the script to do the rest.

The benefit of using our script is that you securely send your request over the internet and the ease in usage of our script

Use Cases

1. For Forex traders, crypto currency traders who trade for other people and give them periodic returns.

2. For investments and portfolio agencies that manage large sum of investments and investors

3. For financial institutions that need the BVN script integrated in their web and mobile applications

4. For Peer-to-peer/MLM organizations


1. Easy to use and integrate with already existing applications.

2. 24/7 support with our community and developers.

3. User friendly interface

Runs on PHP 5.6 and Above

Version 1.0 (2022)

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