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Free PHP Script for Bank Verification Number (BVN) and Biometrics

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Magic Script! This awesome PHP script will enable Individuals and corporate bodies such as banks, micro-finance banks, credit unions, credit and thrift societies, insurance firms etc. to verify and extract customer details using their BVN information over a secured API provided by verification and biometric organizations such as verifyme and flutterwave. The 21st century business is customer driven and this is the best plug for verifcation of customer details and security.

The script is designed in such a way all you need to do is input your credentials from your verification providers such as verifyme or flutterwave. The script sends both GET and POST methods with JSON.

The benefit of using our script is that you securely send your request over the internet and the ease in usage of our script

Use Cases

1. This PHP script is perfect for organizations that want to build an engaging and interactive Customer Database and Relationship System

2. For small and emerging businesses that need to verify customers with their bvn details

3. For financial institutions that need the BVN script integrated in their web and mobile applications


1. Easy to use and integrate with already existing applications.

2. 24/7 support with our community and developers.

3. User friendly interface

Runs on PHP 5.4 and above.

Version 1

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