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PHP Script for Sending E-mails with Gmail Account and PHP Mailer

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The 21st century business strives on innovation and every available tech resource in the World Wide Web. Electronic mails have changed the nature organizations communicate and share resources.

With a click emails reach every internet enable device faster than the best post master.

Web developers across the globe seek better ways to integrate emailing capabilities into their applications. this has been achieved through PHP mailers and other necessary Application Program Interface (API) available in the tech community.

Overview of the Script

The PHP script for sending emails via Gmail account is built to solve the numerous challenges developers face in integrating Gmail accounts into emailing APIs.

This script is designed with the best and cleanest codes to meet your emailing needs. With this user friendly script, you will be setting-up and sending emails in minutes!

Features of the Script

  1. 24/7 Support from our vast community of developers.
  2. Easy to set-up and super user friendly.
  3. Send Emails in Real-Time.

Use Scenario

  1. Small and Emerging businesses that need real time solutions to their emailing needs.
  2. Software developers who want to integrate emailing features to their applications.
  3. Corporate bodies looking for email marketing solutions.
  4. Computer Science/Engineering students and Researchers who wish to integrate PHP mailer into their project work and design.

Built with PHP 5.6

Version 1 (2022)

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