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PHP Script for Inventory Expiration Date Tracking and Notification with Email Alerts

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Inventory expiration is one key information store managers need in effective inventory management. Many sales and inventory management software have not yet built product expiry capabilities for their software due to reasons best known to them and their team of developers.

Users who use software without inventory expiry notifications are in most cases forced to do it manually or use third party applications which are very expensive. Managing inventory expiry manually is very tasking and time consuming. Users at times spend weeks computing expiry of items at the expense of other productive ventures that could create more wealth for the business.

Inventory management must be very robust and computerised to enable users get adequate data for managing the business is a very simple and logical manner.

Overview of the Script

The PHP Script for Inventory Expiry Alert and notification is a handy solution for easy integration into software such as QuickBooks POS, Enterprise and Sage50 accounting software.

The Script imports inventory data from any accounting software and processes expiry date information to give real-time updates on items expiring in 30, 60 and 90 days time. This script provides this information based on custom fields for expiry dates created in the inventory software.

Features of the Script

  1. 24/7 Support from our vast community of developers for QuickBooks and Sage50 users.
  2. Easy to set-up and super user friendly.
  3. Normalised Database included.

Use Scenario

  1. Business that need analysis of expiry information at a glance
  2. Software developers who want to integrate inventory expiry notifications in their application.
  3. Computer Science/Engineering students and Researchers who wish to develop sales and inventory management systems with project expiration notifications in their project work and design.

Runs on PHP 5, 7, & 8


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