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Human Resource Management System PHP Script

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Human Resource is an important asset in every organization. The organization and allocation of other resources, critical thinking, strategy, planning, labour, logic is largely the effort of the human resource available to an organization.

Computerizing Human Resource Management process is key to the growth and success of an organization as productivity will be enhanced, manual inputs will be reduced, paper work minimized and errors eliminated. It is essential to deploy HRM software to manage recruitment, payroll, leave, employee birthdays, performance appraisal etc. This alone can improve organizational performance and productivity.

Overview of the Script

The Human Resources Management PHP script is best for small and emerging businesses that wish to automate the affairs of their employees. The script enables administrators to easily add, edit and manage human resources and allocate task as well as track employee progress at every given time.

Features of the Script

  1. Easy employee management and Control.
  2. Task creation, allocation and Tracking.
  3. Leave Management.
  4. Payroll Management.
  5. Employee Pay slip Management
  6. Salary reports and Payment History

Use Scenarios

  1. For all organizations with more than two employees to manage.


Runs on PHP 5.6 and Above

V.1 (2022)

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