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Financial Plan and Projection for Fish Production, Processing and Packaging

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Fishery is actually an arm of aquaculture; it is a very large industry with quite a number of varieties of fishes this industry produce from fingerling (little fishes) and nourishes them to what we know as table size fish.

This industry uses ponds, water, fish feed, electricity. Fishes like catfish, tilapia mackerel etc. Are rear and it is a part of seafood with such a high nutritional values.

Many people are turning to eating fish, especially catfish because of its high nutritional value. There is therefore a huge demand for properly prepared and packaged catfish within my target market.

Overview of The Template

The Fish production, Processing and Packaging Financial Plan and Projection Excel template gives a full insight into the fish production business. The template gives full details of the preservation method which includes drying of the catfish and the packaging of the dried and fresh catfish method that will increase the shelf life of the fish which makes it easy to store for future use. Our method of packaging makes our product easy to carry, transfer or transport thus increasing its uses.

With so many people aware of the benefits of eating fish, this business will be highly profitable.

The template also gives a breakdown of the step by step approach to rearing healthy fish making money and at the same time strengthen Naira value through export the products. Fish is staple food that is a house name in Nigeria and in the world.


  1. Comprehensive Profit and Loss Projection.
  2. Sensitivity Analysis.
  3. Pre-Operating Equipment Requirements.
  4. Operating Expense List.
  5. Feeding Chart
  6. Feed Cost.
  7. Proposed Pricing.
  8. Cost Forecast.
  9. Sales Forecast.
  10. Cash Flow Statement.
  11. Viability Analysis.

Use Scenarios

This excel template is most suitable for the following:

  1. Promoters of existing and New Start-up Businesses that need funding in form of grants,loans,partnerships etc. from Government agencies, Banks and Venture Capitalists.
  2. Business and Financial Analysts working on viability and feasibility of a fish production, processing and packaging business in Nigeria.
  3. Business Administration and Entrepreneurship students who need a comprehensive financial plan for a Business Plan.
  4. Investors and Venture Capitalist who need financial analysis of fish production, processing and packaging business for informed decision making.
  5. Entrepreneurs who need expansion ideas for their businesses.

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