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PHP Script for E-Commerce Stores & Websites with Payment Integration & CMS

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Overview of the Script

The world is fast becoming a global village where anyone from any part of the globe can make cross border transactions within seconds. Businesses are fast leveraging on technology to sell their products and services while leveraging on a wider audience the internet space provides.

The e-commerce PHP script gives you the ability to create your own online store, show casing your products and selling them online at your convenience. The script works like magic and most common payment integrations such as PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave etc. works with the script. This gives your customers a variety of payment options to get their products without hassles.

Features of the Script

  1. Real-time product management.
  2. Easy Payment integrations.
  3. Easy- to Set up
  4. Multi-currency Option.
  5. Content Management System Inclusive.
  6. Product Reviews and Product Tracking
  7. Coupon Management
  8. Pay on Delivery Option
  9. Shipping & Millage Calculator
  10. Store Manager
  11. Product Sizes and Colours Management
  12. Email Notifications to both buyer and seller
  13. Safe and Secure Transactions


Use Scenarios

  1. Small and Emerging Businesses That wish to have an e-commerce store.
  2. Researchers that want to work on an e-commerce project.

Runs on PHP 5.6 and Above

V.1 (2023)

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