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Store Management System PHP Script

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Overview of the Script

The Store management PHP script is perfect for store managers and stockist who need to be in full control of every stock issued out, received and adjusted. The script is built mainly for every thing Stock! You get to have a complete idea of how stock comes in to the store and how they left.

With the master stock report module of the script, store managers get full knowledge of how stock were issued to individual departments.

Features of the Script

  1. Stock Issue Out Capability
  2. Stock Receipts history and reports.
  3. Automated Opening Balance and Closing Balance for Every period.
  4. Master Stock Report.
  5. Departmental Issuing Report.
  6. Emailing Capabilities for Reports and Inventory.
  7. Account Balance Management.
  8. Easy Cloud Integration

Use Scenarios

  1. For Organizations that issue out stock to her various departments and needs proper documentation for the activity. Examples of organizations the script will serve perfectly are:
    1. Hotels that issue out stock to various departments such as housekeeping, Restaurants, Bar, Kitchen etc.
    2. Construction Companies.
    3. Hospitals.
    4. General Product Based Organizations.

Runs on PHP 5.6 and Above

V.1 (2022)

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