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Class Attendance & Register Excel Template

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Class attendance in most cases is the physical appearance and particiaption of a student in a classroom. This is an important aspect of the academic process. Most schools take class attendance and particiaption very seriously.

In fact, some schools award certain marks for just attending classes while, others may penalise students for not reaching a certain beanchmark for class attendance.

Most schools use manual class registers or attendance sheets to record class attendance while, some advanced schools use software and other adavanced biometric systems to track student and staff attendance.

Overview of The Template

This excel template makes the job of the class teacher much easier and accurate. Attendance management is one task every teacher would love to be computerised or automated. This template makes that a reality!

The template captures physical appearance of students as well as their absence in a very logical and easy manner. Keywords are used to indicate whether a student attended lectures or not.


  1. Easy to use and highly customizable with keywords.
  2. User friendly interface.
  3. All formulas already calculated and automated.
  4. 24/7 Support with the developer.

Use Cases

This excel template is most suitable for the following:

  1. Lecturers in tertiary institions, Nursry and primary shool teachers, and Teachers in high schools who wish to automate their class attendance.
  2. Sunday school teachers and other church workers who take church attendance.
  3. Secretaries of clubs and other social organizations who keep attendance registers for meetings.
  4. Non Governmental Orhanizations.

Excel Template

V.1 (2022)

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