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Cattle Farm 5 Year Financial Plan and Projections in Nigeria

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Cattle rearing is a profitable business venture in Nigeria. With over 2,000 cattles killed daily, one can easily break the bank with this business idea. Products from Beef, Milk and Cow Skin is highly marketable and can fetch some good profits if the business is managed properly with a good financial plan and projection. A comprehensive 5 year plan is captured in this excel template to give you the financial advantage you need to convince investors, family and lenders into funding your business idea.

The Template is also automated with excel formulas capturing the various stages of the cattle rearing business idea from just concept to a money making venture.

The uniqueness about this excel template is that it presents a comprehensive 5 year financial projection and plan for a feasible and profitable cattle farming business in Nigeria. The various sheets in the excel template will present the input models needed for your custormizations and a concise road map for your investors to be 100% convinced that you are on track and set for this business.

This 5 year financial projection and model for cattle farming contains current prices for calf and cost of setting up cattle ranch, vaccines and other equipment while, taking into consideration the current inflation rates of the economy of Nigeria today. So be rest assured that you are working on something real and feasible.

Features of the Financial Template:

  1. Easy to customise and manipulate template with formulas and financial projections already computed.
  2. Friendly to adjustments to suite your current business needs.
  3. 5 year Income statement (Trading, Profit & Loss Account) Financial plan and projections. .
  4. 5 year Financial Position (Balance Sheet) and projections.
  5. 5 year Cash Flow statements.
  6. Easy copy and paste to MS Word document
  7. Free Loan Repayment Calculator if any loan was gotten from a friend or financial institution
  8. Notes and Explanations sheets to financial projections and models.

MS Excel Document

MS Excel Document

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