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Overview of the Software

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the challenges as limitations to the current electoral system in Nigeria’s democracy, proffering possible way forward.

The flawed electoral process of the last two Presidential elections equally calls for technology- enabled solutions to this social malaise which could lead to chaos and anarchy if nothing is done to forestall these electoral menace in future elections.

Electoral fraud perpetuated in the cause of political activities including pre-election and post-elections periods such as multiple registration, invalid voter's register, multiple voting, poor organization of electoral process, violence, ballot stuffing and snatching, logistic and administrative constraints.

This paper takes critical steps to addressing these numerous elections vices in Nigeria’s electoral system, with the aim to provide a viable option that would ensure credible, fair and genuinely acceptable elections in the country, in the foreseeable future. An IT-driven voting, otherwise known as e-voting has been developed for implementation in this paper. Keywords: Elections, Electoral Process, Commission, Database, Election Violence and Voters.



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