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PHP Script for Hospital Information Management System (Ultra HMS)

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The 21st century hospital is one with a top notch IT infrastructure enabling Doctors, Administrative staff, Laboratory Scientists, Nurses and Pharmacists work more effectively with patients. The horror days of carrying patient files moving from one office to the other are gradually getting over with the introduction of cloud based Hospital management Information Systems like Ultra Hospital Management Systems.

Ultra Hospital Information Management System makes it easy for all key players involved in the day-to-day activities of an hospital to effectively management patient records, diagnosis, invoicing, laboratory testing and treatment administration in the most convenient, safe and productive manner. The script works both offline and online enabling everyone to work in a remote manner or in a single location were the server is hosted.

Features of the Application

The application with five (5) major users:

  1. The Administrator
  2. The Records (Reception)
  3. The Doctor
  4. The Laboratory Scientist
  5. The Pharmacist (In some Cases the Nurse)

The Administrator

The application administrator oversees all the functions and activities that is being recorded on the hospital management system. These activities range from the finances of the hospital to the treatment plan given to patients. The administrator adds the various users to the system, oversees revenue, accounts payable, accounts receivable, expenditures, diagnosis created by doctors, laboratory test history conducted, and treatments administered to patients.


The records unit or the front desk is a user on the hospital management system that is responsible for entering and updating patient records. This user can add new patient, enter patient vitals such as temperature, Body mass index (BMI), genotype, blood group, weight etc. The front desk officer can also use the system to update these records when it changes

The front desk officer also creates invoices for patients as well as receives payment from patients who have some accounts payables (Debtors) and manages petty cash expenditures incurred by the hospital.

Another important function of the front desk staff is to Queue patients for the doctor to attend to their complaints.

The Doctor

The doctor upon login to the system sees all Queued Patients to attend to. The doctor Creates Diagnosis for the patient upon listening to their complaints, sends Laboratory test requests (If necessary) and gives final findings and treatment plan once a test has been returned.


The Laboratory Scientist

The laboratory scientist manages all test requests sent in by the Doctor. Upon login all tests required and details will display on their dashboards. The lab scientist processes and uploads the results for the doctor to make final diagnosis on that particular case.


The Pharmacist (Or the Nurse)

The pharmacist sees all treatment plan recommended by the doctor upon login to the hospital management system and administers the treatment to the patient. Upon completion, the pharmacist or the Nurse as the case may be can close the treatment plan.

Runs on PHP 5.6 and Above

V.1 (2023)

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