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Compiled Data for Inflation Rate, Interest Rate, Unemployment Rate and Agricultural Output in Nigeria [1985-2020]

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Category: Data & Statistics


The data set contains Inflation, Interest rate, unemployment rate and Agricultural Output Growth Rate in Nigeria from 1985 to 2020. The data is compiled from the CBN statistical bulletin and prepared by SoftwareHub NG for Research and survey purposes.

This Compiled data will ease the burden of sourcing for economic indices online and offline. Our data are accurately sourced from reliable sources. All you just need to do is import the data and run it in E-views, SPSS or any other data analysis software.


  1. Easy to Understand and process for analysis
  2. Easy to Import into E-views, SPSS and other data analysis software.
  3. Accurate and Up to Date from reliable sources
  4. Free Model Specifications
  5. Support Always Available for You

MS Excel Document

MS Excel Document

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