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Free PHP Script for Universal Product Code (UPC) Barcode Generator

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The Universal Product Code (UPC) or Simply Barcode consist of numeric digits and other characters used in tracking and identifying an item.

Most times, the UPC is the barcode scanned when making a sale in a store. In most cases, it is a stripe of black lines with numbers ranging from 5 to 12 on the packs of products.

Overview of the Script

The UPC script is a PHP script designed to enable users print scan-able UPC barcodes at the go!

When the Product information is entered and all necessary formatting done, the script produces a UPC barcode for that product with a click.

Features of the Script

  1. 24/7 Support from our vast community of developers.
  2. Easy to set-up and super user friendly.
  3. Normalised Database included.

Use Scenario

  1. Small and Medium Scale businesses that need to track their products with a Universal Product Code.
  2. Software developers who want to integrate UPC barcodes into their applications.
  3. Store Keepers and Warehouse managers who have issues tracking and scanning items.
  4. Computer Science/Engineering students and Researchers who wish to integrate UPC barcodes into their project work and design.

PHP 5.6 and Above

V1 (2022)

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