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Overview of QuickBooks POS V18: Smart POS Software that Gets The Job Done on Time

By SoftwareHub NG /Feb 26, 2019 /1,364 Views

QuickBooks POS is a cutting-edge tool that helps retail businesses solve almost all the major problems they face: Process their transactions effectively, track sales, capture customer data and behavior and also manage inventory effortlessly. In simple terms, you can call it the Intuitive Accountant.


Thanks to ITUITE, the company behind the powerful point-of-Sales software. They seem to have been staging a come-back into the POS business scene, in a big way. This I know led to the release of the latest version of QuickBooks POS V18.


Yes. QBPOS has evolved over the years. It remains one of the best solutions for retailers who process a whole lot of orders. The V18 is loaded with intuitive features to assist businesses eliminate risk of data entry errors.


What’s more? I have some good news here.



Some of the major updates users of the QBPOS V18 will enjoy are; it works seamlessly with Microsoft Surface Pro, and the option to use it on a tablet.


At glance, these are one of the excellent features that blew me away:


  1.      Cloud Accounting that lets you manage your business from any device, anytime, anywhere in the world; as long as there is an internet connection.


  1.      Exceptional Expense Tracking.
  2.      Invoicing has never gone this easy! In record time, you can create not just professional invoices, you’ll also be able to customize estimates and sales receipts. And That's not all…. 


  1.      Accounting Reports with customizable reports and dashboards make the ongoing events and performances in your business totally transparent.


  1.      Cash Flow Management that allows you to manage and schedule recurring payments from your customers and vendors to save time. Cool, isn't it?

Obviously, the QBPOS V18 is going to help many users do more office tasks, get more sales, free up counter space, increases business flexibility, with ease and speed many considered impossible. As you picture how much time and stress you going to save, let's take a little peek into its pros and cons of the sales turbocharging software:


  1. Available in Three Versions: The Quickbook POS is available in Basic, Pro and Multi-store. This means, Intuit don’t just care about the features alone, they also consider your pockets and their resellers. I believe this to be a brilliant pricing strategy that will leave their competitors to dust! 
  2. Improved Home Screen: The home screen now displays important client information.
  3.  An Easy yet Quicker Access to Customer Data: You now have access to customer details; from their purchase history, to account balance, everything is presented in crystal clear details, including available credit, with few clicks. In that token, this serves businesses that offer value added services like customer rewards. A hover on the rewards icon does the magic. It pops up reward values and what’s left for the customer to qualify for next bonus.
  4.      Unique Customer Checkout: Imagine a reporting tool that provides reorder automation and additional insight into what sells and what doesn’t. If you're a customization freak, you'd love this. I bet.
  5.      Flexible Inventory Reports System: Inventory reports can now be generated based on criteria like; most popular items, least popular items, busiest times of day. Simply put, every transaction that goes on triggers the system to update the inventory. A new sale, or a customer return or an item order for example automatically refreshes and updates the inventory levels in the system. Or else you want to, the auto create function in the inventory purchase orders will never make you run out of stock.


  1.      Remote Accountant Access: This is my sweet spot. Anyone from your team can manage your records from anywhere around the globe, anytime. Is that all? What about safety?


  1.      Data Security: Quickbooks uses 128-bit SSL encryption. You can bank on it that your entire data is secured.


  1. 8.     Support for Physical Inventory Scanner.


  1. 9.     Free Unlimited Support: Unlimited support is available Monday to Friday 7.00 am -12.00 am (GMT+8).

What about the cons?

  1. As for me, the only con I see to this amazing software is that the desktop version doesn't work on Linux Fedora, and Ubuntu Operating Systems.
  2. On-screen keyboard doesn’t work with the software. This can only be done if you set it to tablet mode. Another downside to this is that it can only work in landscape mode, not portrait.


Alone and together, I find it very cool to other Point-of-Sale solutions like, Clover and Square. I bet Intuit will work on the glitches many other V18 users may have. In the meantime, I am happy that we can now enjoy a new desktop version of our QBPOS.

To wrap it up, in my perspective, I believe all the dangling bells and whistles of this latest release QuickBooks POS V18 will simplify day to day office tasks, rev up users sales and marketing, speed up operations and increase business flexibility. With this I manage my transactions in one tenth of the normal time and find myself sitting back, rocking in my chair saying, “This is so cool….”

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