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By SoftwareHub NG /Feb 13, 2022 /2,149 Views

PHP is a server side programing language used by a large community of software developers in the world. It is in fact the most popular language in the world. So many great websites and applications have been written in PHP. This includes popular blog site-Wordpress. If you are into business and need a great PHP script to help you execute some task in your organization, then you visit one of these PHP vendors today:

1) PHP JABBER: PHP jabber provides web development services and solutions in Bulgaria. They've been in the business for over 10 years. On their website, they have up a display of over 65 PHP scripts that cover booking applications to content management, event calendars, and polling scripts. Their prices range from 4$ to 130$ and all 65 PHP scripts come in a bundle for 299$.

2) CODE CANYON: This is an online shop that sells all sorts of digital products, from themes and plugins, stock images to fonts and logos. They have almost everything. They have over 3,000 PHP scripts available. They cover many categories. Prices range from 6$ to thousands.

3) CODESTER.COM: They also sell various digital products. They have about a thousand PHP scripts. Their cheapest is 4$ and the most expensive is $650. They offer free scripts sometimes.

4) HOT SCRIPTS.COM: They have more than 40,000 software products listed on their site and almost 9400 results under pho scripts. They also have free options. They sell in a price range of dollars to a hundred dollars.

5) ALKANYX.COM:  This marketplace sells everything digital products and software, from website templates and plugins to in-browser games. They have over 500 PHP scripts.

You can always check our PHP SCRIPTS section. We got it all too. Thanks for reading and hope you found it worthwhile browsing through our blog. Kindly leave a comment if you know of any website or blog that got great PHP scripts.

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