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10 Best Cloud Accounting Software for Nigerian Businesses

By SoftwareHub NG /Oct 5, 2018 /1,628 Views

Cloud accounting comprises of financial transactions performed over the Internet. This process may not necessary require the installation of a software on your PC. With this software you will need not to employ an accountant or a book keeper. As an entrepreneur, it also enables you to generate your own financial reports. These software provide users with real time business insights and financial enabling you to convert insights into actions, as well as grow your business.

Also, it arranges the financial transactions according to ideal accounting practices.

As much as the benefits of cloud accounting software cannot be overemphasized, they are of different types.  The top 10 among them are not farfetched.


(1)                Sales Point

Sales Point is an indigenous Cloud Accounting Software specifically built to solve book-keeping problems of businesses in Nigeria. With the powerful tools and sleek interface that comes with the software, business owners can record day-to-day business activities and get real-time reports on the GO! This software can be gotten from www.salespoint.ng


(2)  Sage Intacct

This software is best fit for small and medium scale businesses. it provides real time insights into finance and operations. It is also capable of automating difficult tasks.

Companies who adopt Sage Intacct are provided with a sequence of major accounting applications including General ledger, accounts payable, account receivable, cash management and order management.

(3) Multiview software

This software offers a series of financial solutions which makes it suitable for companies in search of a solution that fits in their existing operations.

These series of solutions are divided into fourteen sections that can be deployed into various configurations making it ideal for any type of businesses.

(4) QuickBooks Enterprise

This is an accounting solution ideal for small to medium scale businesses in various niches. The software functions include: handling of multiple users, locations, inventory workflows, or large quantity of transaction data.

It also offers reporting tools that can be customized to enable users process data and come up with the best decisions.

(5) Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights was invented in 2003.  It provides an online platform for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. It is ideal for different companies irrespective of their sizes.

With this software you do not need to buy a new hardware or software. The interface design is close to Excel which is based on familiarity to increase the pace of the training  process.

(6) Budget Maestro

This offers financial institute a broad accounting solution including budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting. It is can also be adopted by other companies such as manufacturing, healthcare, wholesale/distribution, retail businesses as well non-profit organizations.

It has a central database which automatically updates when data are altered or new entries are added.  It ensures that all calculations are mathematically correct and adhere to the accounting principles.

(7) BNA fixed Assets

This system enables of different sizes use a comprehensive approach to manage their fixed assets.  It removes double entry and other shortcomings by providing only one location to manage fixed assists.

This software can work well with existing accounting and tax compliance systems.

(8) AccuFund

This was specifically made for the non-profit organizations. It enables non-profit organizations and government agencies give account of their source of funds, expenses and other activities for internal management and auditing purpose.

For this reason, it is recommended for non-profit companies in need of broad accounting solutions.

(9) AccountEdge

Account Edge is installed on computers used within an organization. It works well with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

It is best fit for small scale business and it assists users with operations such as creating and tracking of sales and purchases, running of payroll and the likes.

(10) Abila MIP

Similar to the AccuFund, Abila MIP was also made for non-profit organizations. It can be self-hosted, in cloud or be installed on systems used in the organization. One of its unique features is a report writer tool it possesses. This tool provides reports that can be customized.

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